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We are your trusted partner for customized consulting services in retail. Our mission is to support retailers, businesses, and private equity firms with our extensive industry expertise and innovative solutions. From the fashion and apparel industry to electronics and appliances, we offer specialized consulting to help you dominate the market and achieve sustainable growth.

🌱 Agriculture & Ingredients

From the field to the POS. We offer consulting services for agricultural producers to optimize production processes and implement sustainable practices. Our support in supply chain optimization and market entry strategies helps strengthen your market position. Additionally, we assist with new technologies in this sector.



⚙️ Financial Services

We support you in swiftly identifying development opportunities, reducing costs, and improving systems. Additionally, we aid in the further development of the strategic roadmap for your finance and controlling department. Our expertise extends to the analysis, decision-making, and implementation of strategic investments and M&A projects. Partner with us to drive efficiency, strategic growth, and sustainable success for your organization.


💠 Private Equity

Our consulting services for private equity firms include the evaluation and optimization of their portfolio companies in the retail sector. We offer comprehensive due diligence services and strategic advisory to maximize the value of your investments. Additionally, we support value enhancement of the companies and assist with sales strategies.

🛒 Consumer Products

From product development to market listing. With our international retail network, we have direct access to decision-makers and help you stay competitive and achieve sustainable growth. We support your journey with expert guidance in sales strategy, digital transformation, retail analytics and insights and many more. Partner with us to drive your business forward and achieve sustainable growth.


🌐 Food and Beverage

We support food and beverage companies worldwide with tailored solutions, including brand strategy optimization, supply chain management, and product innovation. Additionally, we provide assistance with retail strategy consulting, market entry strategy, sales increase, e-commerce consulting, and innovation.




🏠 Real Estate & Location Development

We specialize in real estate, portfolio management, and the strategic expansion of brick-and-mortar retail locations. Our expertise includes comprehensive store network planning and seamless market entry into new countries. We provide tailored solutions that ensure successful and sustainable growth, leveraging deep industry knowledge and innovative strategies. Partner with us to optimize your real estate investments, expand your retail footprint, and navigate new markets with confidence.

🔌 Electronics & Appliances

Our expertise in electronics and home appliances helps you seamlessly integrate digital and physical sales strategies. We offer solutions for inventory management, supply chain transparency, and customer data analysis to strengthen customer loyalty. Additionally, we support sales strategy, digital transformation in retail, retail analytics and insights, omnichannel retail strategy, and more.


💎 Health and Beauty

We support companies in the health and beauty sector in creating exceptional brand experiences and developing effective customer loyalty programs. Our consulting services include product development and market strategies tailored to your needs. Additionally, we assist with market analysis and competitive monitoring.




🌏 Retail & Wholesale & Distribution

We advise retailers worldwide on new concepts in product development, assortment planning, pricing strategy, e-commerce consulting, CRM, process optimization, retail sales and marketing campaigns, retail technology integration, retail operations improvement, compliance & risk management, and more. Additionally, we support our clients with product listings in retail as well as with distributors.

🛍️ Fashion and Apparel

We support fashion and apparel companies worldwide with tailored solutions. Our services include brand strategy optimization, customer experience, supply chain management, and omnichannel strategies. With our extensive industry knowledge, we help you stay competitive and strengthen your market position.



🛎️ Hotel & Restaurants

For hotels and restaurants, we offer consulting services to optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction. We assist with the launch of new concepts and the improvement of service quality. Additionally, we support cost optimization and the implementation of new technologies.





📊 Software, Platforms & E-Commerce

We support retailers in implementing modern software solutions and platforms that enhance your business processes. Our consulting services in digital transformation, data analytics, and IT infrastructure ensure that you remain competitive at all times.

Our team of experienced practitioners and industry experts works closely with you to optimize your business processes, strengthen your brand, and enhance efficiency through cutting-edge technologies.

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